Agency Open Call

We represent kids ages 5-12, teens ages 13-17 and adults of all ages
We represent models and actors for print work, TV commercials, film, spokesperson roles and promotional jobs.


Open Call begins at 10:30 AM sharp!  If you are more than 15 minutes late we may ask you to come to the next open call.

We do not accept Facebook submissions, mail in photo submissions or email submissions.  We do not accept walk-ins during the week (only at the open calls). We must meet everyone in person at an open call session to properly critique and evaluate talent levels.  We only represent professional actors and models with coaching, industry experience or both. We do not represent babies.  We begin working with kids at age 5-6 years old, depending on when they are able to read and take direction.

Information about open call sessions for models & actors looking for agency representation
We set aside time on Saturday’s to meet with aspiring models and actors (and their parents) seeking representation and/or learning more about our agency.   You do not need to RSVP for the Saturday open call.  During this time, you will have a chance to audition for the agency, ask questions, tour our studio and meet our staff.  Please bring one non-returnable photo. The photo does not need to be a professional photograph but please bring professional photos if you have them.  If we have an interest in representing you, professional photographs will be a necessity later down the road.  If you are under the age of 18, you must be accompanied by a parent.  We only audition ages 5 and older.  There is no need to be early and please don’t be late. Doors will not open early.  Because we are working on other projects during the week, we can not accommodate early arrivals.  If you arrive early you will have to wait outside or in your car.  Anyone who arrives more than 15 minutes late will not be allowed to audition but will be encouraged to come back to the next open call. There is no need to make an appointment.  Open calls are open to the public. We will audition you for the agency and/or for the Connect NYC  trip to  meet NY agents. We audition singers and dancers for Connect NYC only.  Please let us know your interests when you begin your audition.


Upcoming Open Calls

To avoid large crowds at our studio, you MUST fill out the form below and choose one of our staggered times to come into the studio. We have taken the "Savannah Stay Safe" pledge and we look forward to seeing you. If you have not filled out the form, you will not be allowed to audition. Minors under the age of 18 must have a parent present at the audition.

Fill out my online form.

How to Prepare

What to Wear
Dress in neat, casual, age-appropriate clothes- nothing dressy or formal and please, nothing too sexy or revealing. Keep your appearance fresh and clean. If you wear makeup, keep it minimal or none at all. We like to see your hair natural, too. If it’s curly, wear it curly. If it’s straight, wear it straight. This will give us our best idea of what you really look like.

What to Bring
Please bring one non-returnable photograph. Only one is needed. We ask that you choose your photo prior to coming to the audition. Your photograph will be taken upon arrival. Please be prepared.
Please bring a parent. No one under the age of 18 will be allowed to audition without a parent. Halo encourages parent participation.
What to Expect
Halo is a positive and encouraging environment.  Expect a friendly staff and a warm welcome.  We will offer honest feedback and we will also make suggestions of how to better yourself for the industry.  Models will be asked to walk runway.  Actors will be given a script upon arrival.  Actors do not need to prepare a monologue. Singers will be asked to sing 16 bars a capella.  Singers should be prepared with a song.  Due to limited space in our studio, we can not audition dancers.  However, we will review video tapes, You Tube links, etc to consider dancers.  No sexually explicit dancing is allowed.

I want to work with national brands, too!

How can I get signed with Halo and what should I know about working with agencies?

How do I get started with Halo?

Please attend an open call at the Halo Agency so that we may evaluate you in person. We do not accept online or social media submissions because it is mandatory for us to meet and audition you in person prior to signing you to the agency.  Open call dates and times are posted on our site under "Open Call" and a link is provided here: 

Do I have to pay an agency/agent to represent me?
No. Agents make money when you make money. Like us, most agencies will charge an industry standard 20% service fee to both the talent and the client except for SAG jobs, where the agency commission is 10% of the talents over all pay. For example: When a model or actor is booked for a shoot that pays $1000, the model/actor will make $800 and the agency will make $200.  To see if Halo is interested in signing you, you’ll need to attend an open call audition to meet with our agency Director.  Click on the “Open Call” tab above to read about open call dates and times.

Do I have to take classes for an agency to represent me?
This answer is different for everyone. No, not everyone needs classes, but many people do.  If a model or actor is inexperienced or brand new, yes, most will need some coaching. However, we’ve had models and actors walk through our doors that have already worked with an agency before, have professional photos with a resume and we immediately begin representation. Classes are not mandatory, but we simply don't sign talent to our agency and submit talent for jobs if their lack of knowledge could potentially jeopardize the production.  Why?  When you go on an audition through your agency, you represent that agency. If you get on set for a job and don't know how to execute, you potentially ruin your agency’s reputation with their clients and if clients don't book with us again, all of the other models and actors lose out of future opportunities.  Clients call agencies to hire professionals.  Not beginners. 

Is Halo an agency or a training center?
First and foremost, Halo is an agency providing opportunities locally, regionally and nationally for models and actors. Halo books jobs for print, television, corporate/industrial films and spokes-model/trade shows. To view the jobs we have booked for our models and actors, visit the "Recent Work" tab above. In addition to being an agency, we also offer basic courses in modeling, acting and personal development. We want our talent to do well. We make money when they make money, so we offer lessons and coaching to help our talent become more competitive. The greatest athletes in the world are practicing and training everyday. Academy Award winning actors have been training and coaching and fine-tuning their skills for years. You don’t “arrive” at your greatest skill level overnight, you grow into it. Through the coaching programs at Halo, we help people develop into professional, self-confident actors and models.

If I have what it takes, I shouldn’t have to pay anything at all, right?
Not true. Unfortunately, many aspiring models and actors have heard of this "myth" but no agency in the world gives away anything for free.  Some agencies in larger markets may advance funds to models or actors, but the funds will come out of their next pay check. Agencies require you to pay for you own “tools”  such as your spot on the agency website (minimal fee), photo shoots for portfolios and head shots for actors.  Nothing is free.  It's business.  We will give you an approved list of photographers and printing companies in our area.