Halo Models Film Dierks Bentley Music Video

Halo Models ventured out to Bloomingdale, GA for the Dierks Bentley video shoot.  The shoot was filmed on location at the "Big Nasty" ATV Park.  We aren't joking.  Tha'ts really the name of the park.   It was a hot day of mud slinging and mud boggin' (we just learned that term).  Our three gorgeous girls and two handsome guys were front and center while filming with Dierks.  It's not every day you book a modeling gig that allows you to stand up and dance in the back of a Jeep.  Dierks' personality made bearing the heat, well, bearable.  He is as kind as he is good looking.  Here's a little behind the scenese clip of the video shoot.... and congrats to the Halo Models.  That's a wrap! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JISq7bE4h1Q&list=UUCwPOqiPN0Qv4EFg9kxxM1A&index=27