Halo Model Taylor Jet Sets to Australia

October 1, 2015:  BREAKING NEWS:  TAYLOR JACKSON TO SIGN WITH PRISCILLAS AGENCY, SYDNEY AUSTRALIAHalo Agent and Taylor's Mother Agent, Stephanie, spent much of her time of the phone with the owners of MC2 Model Management, yesterday discussing the next step in Taylor's career.  Now that Taylor has finished walking in New York Fashion Week, it's time to look at other markets around the country and around the world.  In January 2016, Taylor will fly to Sydney, Australia where she will sign with the prestigious Priscillas Agency who represents models like Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista and Alessandra Ambrosio and Eva Herzigova.  Models signed with Priscillas have worked for international clients like ID Magazine, Vogue, Jimmy Choo, Vanity Fair and Harper's Bazaar.  Taylor's new agency will send her out for updated photo shoots and on castings, but her journey is only beginning. Before she leaves for Australia, she is flying to Miami later this month to work with MC2 Agency, the sister agency to her NY agent. While in Miami, Taylor will see clients and shoot with more testing photographers to continue to build her book. Taylor, 18, and a 2015 graduate of Memorial Day School just returned home to Savannah on September 18 after staying in NYC for three months.  Taylor walked in NYFW and booked a catalog shoot for a Brazilian designer.  The owner of MC2, Jeff said on the phone yesterday that he see's Taylor being a "long term classic model" and expects her to work for the next four years.  "She's in the beginning phase of development and she's already had response from clients, so we are very excited about Taylor" said Jean Luc of MC2 Management. There are two great things Taylor has going for her.  First, she has remained grateful.  She always says thank you to Halo and to her NY agents.  Believe it or not, agents respond better to models who have good attitudes than those with a sense of entitlement. Taylor never felt that way.  She knows she has to work hard, be responsible and professional to be successful.  She also has a great team of agents surrounding her.  From her Mother Agent, Halo Agency, to her new agency in NY, Taylor has people guiding her that have been in the business longer than she's been alive.  This combination of a good attitude and a great team will crucial to her career. Taylor began modeling at Halo in the Winter of 2014.  After a few classes to build her confidence, a commercial shoot for Belk and a few local fashion shows, she went to New York with her Mother Agent, Stephanie.  They went on rounds to see the top agents in NY and after gaining interest from Wilhelmina, Taylor signed with MC2 Model Management.We are happy to have Taylor home but we know it's time for her to head back out again to pursue the career God has blessed her with.  View the time line of photos below to see Taylor's development over the past year and a half.  Keep scrolling to see the very first picture she brought into Halo :)Her pictures from her NYC agency and NYFW:Photo Oct 01, 2 06 23 PM Photo Oct 01, 2 06 33 PM Photo Oct 01, 2 06 40 PM Photo Oct 01, 2 06 45 PM Photo Oct 01, 2 06 52 PM Photo Oct 01, 2 06 56 PM Photo Oct 01, 2 06 59 PM Photo Oct 01, 2 07 02 PMPhoto Apr 15, 6 45 51 PM Photo Apr 15, 6 41 02 PM 0017 0026 0134 0379 0423 Photo Apr 15, 6 45 36 PM Her pictures shot at Halo before she went to NY:TaylorJ2 Edit-46 (1) TaylorJ3 And the pictures she and her mom brought in to her first open call:DSC_0167 DSC_0165See the difference in the type of images?  We love you Taylor and you were just as beautiful then as you are now!  Stay focused and humble and you will go far.