We Say Bye to Lauren

October 25, 2015:

Words can't do justice for our gratitude for Lauren's contributions to the #haloagency ... For six years she has been the smiling face at our front desk, the pat on the back to encourage new models and actors and she has graced the pages (and covers) of numerous magazines. Lauren moves on to a full time position in marketing and graphic design with a firm in Savannah. We will miss her and the impact she has made on the lives of numerous young people. Did Lauren encourage you? Leave her well wishes here... We love you, Lairen #notatypo #sirachacandycane #opencallsforYEARS #mygirl

579296_642725862446284_1975472287_n 10995697_10206068777779140_5992129781381021124_n (1) LaurenDavis (2) Photo Apr 07, 11 05 41 AM photo (1)