Halo Models for Omni Hotels

January 20, 2016:  So you want to be a model?  How would you feel if your agent called and asked if you would ride a horse,  go skeet shooting and get a manicure all while having your picture taken?  Can you spend two days with a your fake, pretend family and make it believable? This is commercial modeling at its best.  At Halo, we always tell aspiring models that the modeling business requires acting skills and this shoot really proves that point.   See the photos below.In September 2015, our office worked with the photographer and casting director for the Omni Homestead shoot.    We met the client at the Halo studio and for a few hours we went through a ton of images of our talent.  From kids and teens to adults and grandparents, the client sorted through almost every person we represent.  The client finally pieced together a "fake family" for the shoot.  The parents selected were Halo models, Scott and Wendy. The teenage son selected was long time Halo kid (not so kid anymore) Kline Barfield.The client paid for the models' travel, food and hotel expenses as well as paying the models' a daily pay rate for the two day shoot.  We are finally seeing the images and they are beautiful.  We are excited to add another national brand to our agency resume.  Mostly, we are grateful to have been a part of such a great team from the models and stylists to the casting director and photographer.The_Omni_Homestead_lifestyle-GREG3845 The_Omni_Homestead_lifestyle-GREG4367 The_Omni_Homestead_lifestyle-VAL_1037 GREG2429 as Smart Object-1GREG2881 as Smart Object-1   The_Omni_Homestead_lifestyle-GREG4685 GREG1891 as Smart Object-1GREG3738 as Smart Object-1