Halo Actress, Caroline, Stars in Jack's Burgers

How many hamburgers can you eat in one day?  More than 30?  Halo Model, Caroline, did just that while on set for Eat At Jack's Burgers.  Caroline has been a Halo Model and Actress for more than five years and she recently booked the lead as "Mary" in a 30 sec regional spot for the restaurant chain.  We submitted Caroline's head shot and resume and she received her first callback.  We were then instructed to film her saying a few lines and send the tape to the casting director.  After the commercial Director reviewed her audition tape, she had a Skype screen test.  She spoke in depth with the Director of the commercial and was finally hired to shoot in Atlanta.  The results are below.  FYI, this is why it's so important to be represented by an agency... so that you can be privy to auditions and paying jobs the general public does not know about. Congrats, Caroline... our model turned actress.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkIc6Tngx-c