Halo Model, Christian, Shoots for Gulfstream Jets

November, 2017:Congrats to Halo Model, Christian, for being selected to shoot for Gulfstream Jets.  Christian was submitted to Gulfstream by a photo submission from the Halo Agency.  The client selected Christian for the shoot from our photo submission.  Then, he shot on location - and got to sit on a $45 M jet for 8 hours! (Not a bad gig).  This is how our models get booked for paid jobs - we submit their photos to clients and from there they either 1) are booked directly for the job or 2) they have to submit a self-tape or 3) they have to  go audition for the client in person.  If you are interested in print work, please attend an open call to audition for our agency.  Click "Audition" above to see the times and dates of our open call sessions.