Lights, Camera, Action!

Kids Club: Boys and girls ages 6- 12.  Meets Saturdays 12- 1 PM
Instructor: Tiffani

Teen Club:
Boys and Girls ages 13-17.  Meets Saturdays 1-2 PM
Instructor: Tiffani

Start Date:  None.  Class curriculum revolves throughout the year. Start any time, space pending.

Length: 7 week course

Lights Camera Action is our introductory class to the exciting world of modeling and acting.  Because Savannah is a cross-over market, we need kids and teens who are well versed in both acting and modeling.  

Our small market does not support kids and teens for print (modeling) only so this class helps young people become well-rounded for both modeling and acting jobs.  This class is a perfect introduction to both worlds.  Not only will they learn modeling and acting audition strategies, they will also grow personally in the areas of self-confidence and people skills.   

From improvisation and focus exercises to listening and taking direction, this course teaches all the stuff parents want their kids to know. 

Session #1:  TV Commercials.  Delivery, Choices and Tape Critiques

Session #2: Photo Movement for Fashion & Commercial Print Work (Modeling Jobs)

Session #3: The biz of the biz. Audition Strategies, Interview Skills and Proper Etiquette for Jobs

Session #4: Improvisation. Learning to “not think, just speak”

Session #5: Runway.  Posture, Poise and How to Walk in a Room

Session #6: Scenes with a Partner. Learning how to “act” when you’re responding

Session #7: Agency Audition and individual critique with Halo Director, Stephanie. Scheduled by appointment.

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